How much will my Website cost?

The cost depends upon the scope of your design which can range from just a few pages to an extensive site including a blog, user forums, photo galleries and ecommerce with a shopping cart. I'll provide a written proposal detailing all the charges. Tell me about your project.

How long will this work take?

I work on your schedule. My written proposal will list the steps of the project and how long each will take. Simple sites can be online in a week or two. Complicated Websites will take longer. The time spent on site planning and the construction of a mock-up will speed up the implementation.

How much does a Website cost per year?

After your Website is online, you'll typically pay two charges each year to the vendors of your choice.

  • Domain name registration at a cost of about $10 per year.
  • Web hosting. Most Websites require just the minimum hosting plan. You should not pay more than $60 per year for hosting unless you own a high volume site.

Can I maintain my own Website?

Yes. If you can operate a word processing program, I can teach you to add and edit the text and images on your site. You can minimize the expense of ongoing maintenance by doing the work yourself.