Consultation and Questionnaire

In order to efficiently complete a Website project I need to know your goals as well as your likes, dislikes and essential needs. I can find out what you have in mind through email and telephone conversations. The written questionnaire I use will fill in some of the details and bring up topics that you may not have considered.

Written Proposal

It's vital to construct a comprehensive plan before jumping into a new project. My proposal will list the implementation steps of the project along with the schedule and all costs. I'll provide a price for the entire project so you will know your costs in advance.

Mock-Up Website

In order to visualize the design of your Website, I'll provide a draft version of the Website. You can see what your project will look like online and easily make revisions. I construct a custom layout for each site tailored to your specifications. The look of the Website is governed by a style sheet that ensures an unified appearance across all pages.

Multiple Website Copies

I typically install two copies of your Website: one for trial editing and another for the public-facing, live site. You can try everything out on the test site first. When it looks good, copy the changes to the online Website and show it to the world.


If you plan to maintain your own Website but are unsure of the methods involved, I will instruct you in the use of the content management software. You can minimize the ongoing costs of a Website by doing the editing yourself.

Start Small

I can construct your Website with just a few pages. You can easily expand it later. Websites are always a work in progress.

Does your Website need help?

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